Just because you saw it on the internet doesn’t mean that it is the safe way of doing it!

Router Safety

Table Saw Safety

Jointer safety

                                                     Safety Compilation of Life Experiences


           Wood Gluing Presentation


Plans for making the sports cars:



Sports Car Drawings





Steps for making a Band Saw Box:



Steps in making a Band Saw Box




Plans for making the Piggy Banks:




Building the Piggy Bank





Plans for making the dolls we use with the cradles we build:





Doll Guidelines and Patterns






Plans we use to build the checker/chess boards:




checker board top







Checker – chess board base






Making a Thien Separator:




Thien Separator Plans

Thien Separator Base Pix






Plans we use to build the treasure chest:






Treasure Chest Process



Plans for making a Zig Zag cutting board:

Cutting Board_ How To’s #1_ Zig Zag Cutting Board – How To_ – by McLeanVA @ _ woodworking community

Cutting Board_ How To’s #2_ Zig Zag Cutting Board Patterns – Inspirational – by McLeanVA @ _ woodworking community

Plans for making a Moravian Workbench:




Moravian Bench




Plans for making a Split Top Roubo Workbench



Split top Roubo workbench