Toy build


A thank you drawing from a recipient of a treasure chest.

We would like to thank El Camino Real Charter High School for the use of their wood shop  again this year, and for the current, and former students from the advanced woodshop class for assisting us in our 2017 build.  We also want to thank Swaner Lumber, Valencia Lumber, and Anderson Plywood for the donation of the wood we used to make the toys.  And our thanks to the San Fernando Valley Quilters Guild for making, and donating the quilts and blankets.

This year, we made 945 mirrors, cradles, block trucks, pick-up trucks, white erase boards, flat-top boxes, treasure chests, barrel trucks and yoyo’s.  

​Organizations that received our toys in 2017 include:

​     Assistance League of Southern California/Foster Children’s Resource Center
     LA Department of Children and Family Services
     Penny Lane Shelter
​     Los Angeles County Toy Loan Program by the Department of Public Services
     Haven Hills Battered Women’s Shelter
     Family Rescue Center
     Cloud and Fire Ministries
     Safe Passage Battered Women’s Shelter
     Lutheran Social Services
     Our Saviour Center
     The Church of Latter Day Saints

     Family Services Violence Project

     Catholic Charitiies

     Alexandria Shelter House

     San Fernando Valley Veteran’s Employment Agency


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